Make the Movie

The concept is king and with the successes of Harry Potter, Hunger Games, and 50 Shades of Grey, Hollywood is on the hunt for more books. …but you’ll need to speak their language. What talks in Hollywood?










What is Coverage?

Manuscript coverage is a tool used by Hollywood to categorize and evaluate material. A coverage report usually includes a logline, synopsis and analysis.

Coverage report documents differ from company to company but the basic goal of the report is always the same – identify valuable material worthy of a producer’s consideration.


Why Coverage?

Authors should never expose their material to Hollywood without “testing” it first to find out what it has that the industry wants.

Manuscript coverage simplifies the testing process by indicating whether or not the submitted material has elements with the potential for a successful commercial production. Examples of such considerations include whether or not the piece offers good roles for financeable actors, whether or not it can be produced for a reasonable budget, and its overall appeal to particular demographics, along with marketing and merchandising possibilities.


A Tool You Can Use

A coverage report from ReelBooks gives authors a tool they can use for communication as they approach industry players with their material. Producers are busy people. Coverage allows them to quickly and easily review the material to see if it has characters, plots, themes and ideas they can use to make something big happen. Coverage helps them help you!



What is a Treatment?

The Hollywood “treatment” evokes images of the red carpet, champagne, and awards…that life does exist, but in industry-speak, the term means something much different.

A treatment is a working document that has been used by filmmakers since the beginning of the motion picture industry to summarize a story in prose form. It is an easily digestible scene-by-scene breakdown of the story, including salient character moments, lines of dialogue and visual set pieces—and it needs to be a great read.


Why a Treatment?

Just as a script is a blueprint for a movie, a treatment is an outline for a script. A treatment tells everyone (screenwriter, author, producer) the way in which a book will be adapted into a screenplay. It shows off the big vision and clearly answers questions such as: Who are the key characters? What are the key scenes? Plot moments? Set pieces? What elements are absolutely essential? What elements can be removed?

A book is a highly subjective means of individual expression that is open to a myriad of interpretations. A film is a team effort. Authors looking to bring their work to Hollywood should invest in a treatment in order to clearly communicate the value of their project, and inspire support. Indeed, a treatment helps ensure that everyone shares the same overriding vision for the film throughout the adaptation process, and also ensures that the virtues of the book will be preserved in the screenplay. A treatment puts you, the author, in the driver’s seat in the foundational stage of adaptation.



Why a Screenplay

We live in a multimedia universe. Stories that live on the page can find new life and appreciation on screens big and small. Multiplatform production—where the story has iterations in every possible media from games to action figures— make literary properties into billion-dollar businesses.

At the same time, the DIY movement has created a renaissance of inspired authors who take publishing into their own hands. This new breed no longer leave it to the few overworked gatekeepers to decide whether or not their stories should be adapted and shared with the world. It’s one thing to approach Hollywood with a book—it’s another to show up with the screenplay in hand as well. Generating your own screenplay draft gives you the power of first vision, an indisputable proof of concept, and makes it easier for you to shepherd your story to screen.

Authors who partake of our screenplay writing services will be eligible to have their manuscripts and screenplays submitted to a select group of industry contacts who come to us for material in specific genres. Hollywood is searching furiously for quality material to adapt to screen, but executives do not always have time to find the diamonds in the rough—so take the time to polish that gem for them, and capture the spotlight with all its facets.

Author’s Roadmap

The Author’s Roadmap includes a detailed inventory of the most adaptable elements of your project, highlights the parts of your story that lend themselves best to adaptation, and outlines an actionable process you can use to bring your work to screen.

Every project is unique, so your roadmap to screen will be one of a kind, based on your project’s strengths and the latest information on demand in both mainstream and indie markets and digital. Your roadmap will include the kind of strategic and tactical information you would get if you had a plugged-in agent or producer guiding the process.

ReelBooks will also make the plan accessible to industry players assessing your project so that they can concretely envision its possibilities in the marketplace and how it can be monetized.

Your Author’s Roadmap Includes:

  • In-depth studio-quality analysis that inventories your book’s strengths in a language that producers understand
  • A compelling logline and synopsis to build anticipation among potential partners and buyers
  • Thorough assessment of possible adaptation formats (Movie, TV, Web, stage, games) based on knowledge of wants and needs in different areas of the industry
  • Overall market analysis & strategic plan for next steps

…and some real industry eyes on your project:

  • Your book will be made available to, and assessed by active producers searching for material like yours.