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You Wrote the Book…Now What Do You Do With It?

As an author, your chief concern is usually crafting the work. Painstakingly constructing and polishing every paragraph. Attending to the details to find the the soul of it. Returning, considering, revising, re-ordering. Breaking down a sentence and rebuilding it…Asking: Is the feeling there? The meaning? The vision?


But finally one day it’s done. Then what?


These days, with our increasingly visual society, and huge audiences fascintated by adaptation, every story can manifest in the visual dimension and rise to great prestige and prominence through the medium of the screen. But what’s the journey? You know the writer’s journey—it’s very internal. Taking something to screen involves pitching and rallying support from others. While that may seem intimidating, there are ways to go about it from a powerful position.


The book-to-screen marketplace is extremely competitive, and at this time, great benefits can be reaped from putting out the additional effort to sell or option your book to the right people after you finish the journey of writing it. You just need to put a new hat on: that of a producer and first investor in your own screen project based on your book.


The entertainment industry producer’s way of thinking can be mystifying if you haven’t had the immersive education gained from a few years of working in Hollywood. But that’s where we come in. Reelbooks offers guidance, strategy, treatment and script creation to put you in the driver’s seat as you find the right match for your material.

Sometimes it’s time to invest in some A-list support, just like your favorite actors and filmmakers do.

Believe in yourself. Believe in your work. We’re here to support your book-to-screen journey, so give us a call.