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It’s not Just About Movies Anymore

For authors interested in book-to-screen adaptation today, the literary film marketplace is just one of many options. Media has splintered into many competing platforms where your book can live on. And if you are ready to take the initiative to go out and grab your audience, it’s worth it to learn about the options so you don’t let any big opportunities pass you by.

TV is a well-known option, and of course great series based on books and true stories have never been hotter. But audiences are evolving quickly, and looking for entertaining material anywhere they can find it, so it is worth it to consider a few more up and coming digital avenues that may offer more accessibility and dynamic growth.

A web-series is a new option that is quite exciting.  Big brands from Nike to Burger King are making more and more branded content in this space, because the audience is growing quickly. A web series can serve as branded content that hooks people in to buy your book, or it can be viewed as a creative end in itself; your story reborn to new glory another media.

A book can also be made into a podcast, or illustrated and rolled out in comic book cells, delivered via an instagram feed…where millions are logging in every day, looking for something new under the sun.

There are many options available. In fact, if you are bringing your book to screen, the main question isn’t really “if” it will be adaptable, it’s “which kind of screen?”.