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Authors Making Millions in Media

For today’s authors, the bad news from Hollywood is that the literary submission marketplace, which was always competitive, has gotten— if you can imagine it— even tougher in recent years. Everyone’s writing! But there’s a true appetite among screen audiences for films adapted from books, and in that category, the hits keep coming. This is paying big dividends to authors who believe in themselves.

More and more, true stories, memoirs, and self-published fantasies, even non-famous ones, are making the film world go ‘round. Books have always been a source of great material for filmmakers, but when The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter exploded the box office, it was the beginning of an even bigger phenomenon. Then came Twilight—a niche audience book, to be sure, by no means a classic, or even a big mainstream success (until it hit the screens). Then Hollywood got even more daring…starting a franchise based on an erotic self published book that had gone viral among female readers. That’s 50 Shades of Grey if you haven’t already guessed. These movies are among the biggest hits in the entire industry, going global, going multi-platform, inspiring active fan cultures around the world.

After 50 Shades of Grey, Hollywood’s book search continued to snowball, yielding relatively obscure true stories of quirky, authentic, tenacious types: The Martian, Still Alice, 3 Billboards, and more to come. Authors are in a position to make millions if they submit their work properly to become the right story at the right place at the right time.

For an author, a book can be like your own child. You nurture it for years. The creative experience offers its own inherent joy. But if you’ll allow us to get down to brass tacks, the financial benefits of an option or sale to the right person can also be astronomical. There’s never been a better time to put your memoirs on paper. To share your fantasies. To entertain children. To write your dreams into a reality. And there’s never a bad time to give your work a chance at success.

ReelBooks mission is to help you do just that. With a group of dedicated, active industry producers who write treatments, scripts, and informed strategy for submitting your work to industry players, we are the door you can open. Your friend on the inside. Give us a call.