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The Author’s Update From Hollywood

For many years in the movie industry, the A-list actor was “king of the world.” Stars were the deciding factor in ticket sales, and the attachment of just one name could ensure the financing, green-lighting, and ultimate success of a film at the box office. Or an Oscar. But with competition from new media, the star system has stopped yielding reliable results.

With top actors now frequently headlining humiliating box office disapointments—or worse, films that don’t even do well enough with test audiences to make it to theaters—the power of the A-list movie star is breaking down. And there’s a new king in town: the concept. Nowadays, the silver bullet needed for a box office bulls eye is more likely to be a great book adapted for screen.

Book fans make this possible. The most successful book-to-screen titles have frequently been famous best-sellers that at some point received lots of exposure via marketing campaigns paid for by large publishers. You’ve heard of these:The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and the like. But increasingly, the books don’t have to be from this established category. Following in the footsteps of Legally Blonde, a self-published book turned big franchise, came 50 Shades of Grey, The Martian, Eragon, and more to follow. The world of self-published books is a gold mine of undiscovered material for smart Hollywood producers—especially if it’s in a true story, or in a desired category, like fantasy or young adult.

So…self-published authors, start your engines. You’re the biggest X-factor in film lit today, and you CAN still get discovered by a producer or other meaningful player in Hollywood. In fact, the game can be yours—just ask E.L. James, Andy Weir, or Amanda Brown. But you only get one chance to make a first impression. ReelBooks is here to make sure that when you launch, it’s in the right direction. We provide treatment and script adaptation services to projects with potential, with guidance from accomplished and experienced Hollywood insiders.