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The concept is king and with the successes of Harry Potter, Hunger Games, and 50 Shades of Grey, Hollywood is on the hunt for more books. …but you’ll need to speak their language. What talks in Hollywood?


Manuscript coverage is a tool used by Hollywood to categorize and evaluate material.



Vision on paper. A working document used by filmmakers to summarize story in prose form.



The blueprint for the film, and the author’s proof of concept. 



Strategic information you’d get if you had an agent or producer guiding the process.


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If you have a book, notes only, or just an idea—we can help you make your dream a reality.

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Our projects have been developed from novels, memoirs, self-help books, short stories, recorded conversations, and other sources. Our producers and writers push the potential in each literary work for screens large and small.


About Us

In today’s increasingly visual society, your book’s future could be limitless.

After many years as gatekeepers— executives, producers, strategists, secret weapons—we’ve worked with the top talent in the industry, helping them earn the big money and keep it coming. Hollywood is always looking for great new material by up-and-coming talent. It’s hard to find! But we know that there are undiscovered writers out there who have what it takes.

We have worked in every category, from film to TV to digital content and beyond. We want to democratize and revitalize the industry with new voices and stories–maybe yours! In today’s increasingly visual society, your book’s future could be limitless.

We have created a process that can help you produce a quality treatment, create effective marketing, and expose your story to the industry.  This is the fastest and most direct way to get your material to Hollywood.

Our Network

It takes a village to give your book the right launch and a good reception.

We’ve spent years building an extensive network and we can help you access highly skilled professionals who can steer you in the right direction and help you avoid beginner’s mistakes. Here are just a few of the people and companies we and our team members have worked with:


Stacey Kelly

“After a decade of producing TV and working for studios and networks like MTV, Nickelodeon, Warner Bros and Disney, I’m diving into writing more seriously than ever before. Thank goodness I found ReelBooks! The experts on their team have helped me shape my vision for some long form writing projects and will be there for me as I continue to expand my brand.”

Stacey Kelly author and producer
David Marienthal

“I came in with a general concept and an overwhelming amount of photos and other historical material from my father’s big life. This team helped transform all that into a targeted and relevant multi-platform passion project that was meaningful to industry players. Walking into a meeting with a really great treatment and other professional tools armed me with the confidence and high-value writing to make a sale. My TV script has been seen by show runners and financiers, and my documentary is in production, with a distinguished director attached, and celebrity interview subjects like Lily Tomlin, Bob Newhart, and Woody Allen. I highly recommend the ReelBooks team.”

David Marienthal
Debora Ortiz and Frank Besser

“This is an amazing company. As an unknown writing-directing duo, we’d done a lot of work and gotten a little attention, but we knew it would take some insider know-how to attract the most active producers who were really getting things into distribution. We came to Megan and Tory for roadmap coaching and development on two projects, both of which have ended up garnering praise. The experience helped us figure out how to sell other projects, and we now have signed with a manager, have a joint venture for producing one project and a film in distribution. Megan and Tory are committed to their work and handle each project professionally with their expertise.”

Debora Ortiz and Frank Besser


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