The 11 Essential Questions Hollywood Producers Always Ask First

Over 65% of movies are based on books, short stories, or plays, and yours could be the next red hot discovery—if you get to know what movie and TV-makers are searching for.

ReelBooks is a company made up of longtime Hollywood insiders who believe that there’s a goldmine of undiscovered material in the independent publishing world. In today’s increasingly visual society, your book’s future could be limitless, but if you fail to explore the possibilities, all its potential could be wasted as it sits on your shelf.   For this reason, we put together “The Screen Test,” a free guide that will help you evaluate your book’s strengths and weaknesses and start your dialogue with the industry.

Inside you will be guided through a producer-style assessment of:

  • Your main character, the central point of audience identification.
  • The setup and driving conflict that shape your narrative.
  • Your unforgettable “Trailer Moments” that could generate buzz.
  • Your books’ connection to a target audience.
  • The emotions in your story that people cannot get from real life.
  • Plus other “producer-minded” questions that are sure to surprise you!


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